What is e-waste and how to dispose it?

March 16, 2022

What is e-waste?

Electronic waste, commonly known as e-waste, is the waste generated from discarded electronic equipment. More precisely, we can define e-waste as any electronic device that is no longer useful or damaged beyond repair.


What are some examples of e-waste?

The following electronic items are considered e-waste when they stop working or are non-reparable. Using the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development defines e-waste in six categories:

  1. Temperature exchange equipment (such as air conditioners, freezers)
  2. Screens, monitors (TVs, laptops)
  3. Lamps (LED lamps, for example)
  4. Large equipment (washing machines, electric stoves)
  5. Small equipment (microwaves, electric shavers) and
  6. Small IT and telecommunication equipment (such as mobile phones, printers)

Why is e-waste a problem?

E-waste contains a list of chemicals that are harmful to both the environment and our health. The toxic chemicals found in e-waste consist of plastics, lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. When e-waste is exposed to the heat, those toxic chemicals are released into the air damaging the atmosphere. Those toxic materials can then seep into the groundwater, affecting our land and both sea and land animals.

How should I discard my e-waste?

  1. Repair: 

    First try and see if the electronic item just needs a simple fix a quick Google search or if it is covered by warranty for someone to come out and repair if for you.

  2. Donate or sell:

    If the electronic item is still in a reasonably good condition and is still usable it could be a good idea to try and sell it online on an e-commerce platform such as Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay, etc. This way you prevent making extra e-waste and you also get some extra money towards replacing your electronic item.

  3. Send back electronic items:

    Check with the store provider of your electronic item as some have exchange policies where you can send all your obsolete electronics and buy new ones. Sometimes they also offer discounts on new purchases. Additionally, some offer recycling services, including drop-off points where you can drop all your old electronics (like old phones or tablets), which will then be recycled.

  4. Call Perth Bin Hire:

    Perth Bin Hire offers electronic waste disposal service for corporate, educational and government bodies. All e-waste collected will be recycled and repurposed and avoids going to any landfill sites. To enquire about e-waste bin options call us on 08 9378 4411 or visit our Contact Page.