Local Government Bin Hire & Waste Removal

Perth Bin Hire are experts in the bulk transport and removal of Local Government waste!

Involved in Bulk transport and disposal of waste from local government facilities for over 20 years we know what is expected when it comes to the transporting and disposal of local Government Waste

An Industry Leader

Perth Bin Hire has had over twenty years of experience in the bulk transport of waste for various Regional Councils in the Perth Metropolitan Area. We have successfully tendered for such contracts, due to our commitment to implementing the most cost effective, efficient, reliable and sustainable systems to achieve the desired outcome for the client. At Perth Bin Hire, we realize that is imperative to consider and invest in innovative approaches to the transport and handling of waste with the goals of minimising financial and environmental costs.


Waste Transportation

Regional councils tend to engage the large multinationals to do their wheelie bin and kerbside collections due to the large-scale nature of such operations. However, once this waste has been collected and directed to their Material Resource Recovery Centres, they look to which companies will best deal with the transportation of residual waste and recyclable products. Here at Perth Bin Hire, we pride ourselves on our prompt, professional services- we guarantee reliable and cost effective transportation of local government waste as well as honest direction of recycling materials using our truck & trailer system. Depending on the product, our trucks have the capacity to transport and remove upwards of 80 cubic metres at any given time.


Sustainable Policy

At Perth Bin Hire, we understand the importance of a sustainable future, ensuring all our services are executed with this in mind, all the while delivering on our company-wide promise of ultimate efficiency and cost-effective delivery of services.

We have excellent relationships with existing recyclers to whom we deliver what we can’t process ourselves, but we are actually processing more and more of the material we recover on one of our own sites. Over the past five years we have proudly processed and recycled over 300,000 tonnes of cut glass, being the glass that councils collect from the household wheelie bin collections.

Professional Commercial Waste Management

We also have several skip bins and hooklift bulk bins (15cbm, 20cbm, 30cbm) at various local government sites for the storage and movement of recyclables such as steel and timber to the designated recycling facility on behalf of the councils and/or the recycler. Some sites also use our bins for the disposal of general waste at our transfer station, where they know the rubbish will be sorted to extract recyclables. The councils and recyclers choose whether to book their jobs on a regular basis, for instance specific days each week, or to notify our office when required. Either way our clients can depend on prompt reliable service, so that operations can proceed seamlessly.