Demolition Waste Disposal


Perth Bin Hire are the demolition waste and renovation waste experts!

Just as building practices have become more sustainable, the ways of disposing construction and demolition waste has too. We constantly innovate our disposal options to help keep our customers ahead of the curve and allow you to choose specific bin solutions and benefit from our more than 3 decades of experience in the waste disposal industry!

The Waste Disposal Experts

We do everything with one eye on your bottom line and the other firmly focused on the future, and we would love to partner with you and your demolition wastes projects.

The team at Perth Bin Hire are no stranger to demolition wastes & renovation waste management, looking after a whole range of clients and in various aspects of the construction industry across demolition waste & disposal, as well as waste recycling.

Similarly to our range of available bin hire options for construction demolition waste management, we have a variety of waste disposal units to suit your unique waste disposal needs, including our range of 10cbm and 12cbm Hooklift bins which excavators and digger-operators often prefer due to the lowered sides and rectangular shape- which are perfect for on-site waste disposal requirements.

In addition, we also have a collection of 15cbm, 20cbm and 30cbm Hooklift bins which are rectangular in shape and can be filled with the lighter materials that are often part of demolition debris and renovation jobs, detailing materials such as- metal roofing, timber, green waste, chip board, plaster board, furniture and a whole lot more types of demolition waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Demolition and renovation waste disposal often involves the removal and transport of hazardous waste such as asbestos.

We only provide bins to certified asbestos removalists so we can be assured that the material is handled and packaged according to OH&S regulations.  We ensure this type of demolition waste is disposed of at the appropriate facility and with the necessary care and responsibility.

Transport of Waste

Another service we provide is reliable, cost effective transportation of waste products and recyclables using our truck and trailer system. We have the capacity to transport up to 80 cubic metres at a time depending on the type of demolition debris product.

Committed to Sustainability & Recycling

Perth Bin Hire is committed to the ideal of sustainability while never compromising efficiency and cost effectiveness of our service. We have two transfer stations, where the waste recycling we pick up and that other skip companies deliver, is sorted to extract recyclables. Our resource recovery rates are improving all the time as we invest in new recycling technology. We have excellent relationships with existing recyclers to whom we deliver what we can’t process ourselves, but we are actually processing more and more of the material we recover on one of our own sites.

Contact Perth Bin Hire to discuss your waste recycling and disposal requirements. Dealing with tonnes of demolition debris every month across multiple demolition waste jobs, our team can devise a waste recycling and disposal solution to suit your unique situation.