Recycling & Resource Recovery Services

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At Perth Bin Hire, we are committed to resource recovery, reuse and recycling.  We have had two Department of Environmental Regulation approved transfer stations for many years – one north and one south of the river. Waste from our own skip bins and waste delivered to us by other waste companies is sorted at these transfer stations by expert staff and specialised screening equipment.

We have further committed to increased resource recovery rates by investing in state of the art screening and processing equipment which we have installed on a much larger third site.  Waste that is not recoverable at our transfer stations will be further screened and processed at this new recycling plant.  Our recovery rate is now over 90 %.

Resources which are recoverable are :
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Glass Recycling

Glass cullet recycling has been an exciting new venture for Perth Bin Hire. As a trusted and reputable service provider in the waste industry, Perth Bin Hire was approached by government and private  Material Recovery Facility (MRF) operators about finding a solution to the problem – and we did! After considerable research and liaising with government bodies, we invested heavily in innovative technology, obtained all the appropriate licences and are now proudly recycling over 60,000 tonnes of glass cullet a year.


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