Cardboard, Plastic, Glass & Metal Recycling

Nowadays, people and businesses are becoming ever more concerned about protecting the environment. Finding “eco-friendly” methods of dealing with waste material has exercised some of the world’s finest minds. If you’re among those who consider environmental protection an important civic obligation, you probably know the three R’s of waste management:

But there’s a limit to how much plastic, cardboard, paper and glass we can recycle or reuse within the confines of our homes or businesses. And that’s where Perth Bin Hire comes in.

Perth Bin Hire – Your Partners In Recycling

For over 25 years, we have been helping Perth householders and industry meet their environmental goals, providing efficient waste disposal through our transfer station. That’s where our skilled staff separate waste material into recyclable and reusable components, so that the amount we eventually send to landfill is reduced to an absolute minimum.

To learn more about our green waste management service, call us on 08 9378 4411.