Construction Skip Bin Hire


Perth Bin Hire is the only name you need to know for Construction Waste Management solutions.

Waste Management Industry Pioneers

With more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve gained the experience and know-how to ensure all of your waste management requirements are met- and trust us when we say that we know about construction waste!

Perth Bin Hire has been providing various waste management solutions for a wide variety of aspects of the construction industry, ranging from homebuilders to medium and even large industrial site-waste. Our fleet of reliable drivers, trucks and equipment can handle even the most challenging jobs, making sure that the work you need to do, gets done on time and in budget.

Our extensive experience dealing with all kinds of project waste, from timber, metal, sand and rubble, frees you and your team up to concentrate on other parts of the job at hand.

Available are a variety of skip bins suitable for on site placement, including our range of 10cbm and 12cbm Hooklift bins which excavators and digger-operators often prefer due to the lowered sides and rectangular shape- perfect for on-site requirements!

There’s no need to separate the materials either- we take care of that too-

Responsible Waste Disposal

These days- builders and their clients want to know that their project waste is being managed responsibly. They can be assured Perth Bin Hire will do so – with three transfer stations in the Perth Metropolitan Area – Perth Bin Hire uses modern, effective technology to sort and process the waste from skip bins so that recyclables can be extracted and diverted from landfill.  

Effective Transportation of Waste Products & Recyclables

Another service we provide is reliable, cost effective transportation of waste products and recyclables using our truck and trailer systems. We have the capacity to transport up to 80 cubic metres at a time depending on the type of product.


Perth Bin Hire is committed to the ideal of sustainability while never compromising efficiency and cost effectiveness of our service. We have three transfer stations, where the waste we pick up and other skip companies deliver, is sorted to extract recyclables. Our resource recovery rates are improving all the time as we invest in new technology. We have excellent relationships with existing recyclers to whom we deliver what we can’t process ourselves, but we are actually processing more and more of the material we recover on one of our own sites. We are currently proud to be processing and recycling a large portion of Perth’s cullet glass.  Over the past four years we have diverted over 250,000 tonnes of cullet glass from landfill.