Dedicated To Sustainability

Nowadays, people and businesses concerned about “going green” are looking for a waste disposal service that supports their objectives.

Protecting the environment involves the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. Using a waste disposal company that has Perth Bin Hire’s commitment to the three Rs can make meeting your environmental goals easier.

Businesses should have effective waste management plans. Perth Bin Hire can assist with this by examining the company’s waste and assessing which sustainable methods will be the most suitable in each individual situation. Companies can be assured that if they have mixed recyclables to get rid of, which they don’t have time to separate themselves, Perth Bin Hire will provide the appropriate size bin, take it back to one of their transfer stations once full, sort the contents, and forward the products for recycling. Alternatively, we can provide smaller, individual skip bins which are filled with a single recyclable product and delivered to the appropriate recycling station. In such cases we would only charge a transport fee as there would be no need for us to handle the waste. We have connections with reputable steel, timber, plastic, paper, rubble and e-waste recyclers who view this waste as a resource. Old equipment such as computers, fax machines and office furniture are such resources.

Separating biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage is another important step in managing waste in an eco-friendly manner. Biodegradable items such as papers and leftover food can be taken to compost pits, while non-bio-degradable items such as plastics and glass can be recycled. Perth Bin Hire has been a trusted service provider to local government and private composting facilities since their inception over a decade ago.

An example of Perth Bin Hire’s commitment to sustainability is our response to a problem some of our largest clients were having with glass disposal. They had engaged us to transport large volumes of glass cullet. Perth did not have a facility which could cope with processing the large volumes of contaminated waste glass being transported by us, so under the instructions of our clients, a lot of it had to be taken to landfill. We at Perth Bin Hire could not accept this waste of a recyclable material, so we purchased state of the art technology, obtained all the necessary government approvals and licences and are now proudly the largest glass recyclers in Western Australia.

‘Green’ Waste Collection

‘Green’ waste collection helps protect the environment. Look for a waste disposal and management company that can help you achieve your green-living goals.

Sustainable waste management solutions can turn waste into a resource. Efficient waste management is the best way to maintain a clean environment and a healthy community. At Perth Bin Hire we help households, communities and businesses achieve their green waste disposal goals. We provide an eco-friendly green waste disposal service and collection in Perth, Western Australia. We offer a commercial and residential trash recycling service, garbage collection and waste disposal service. Our 25 years of waste disposal experience is backed up by our commitment to safe environmental practice and the extraction of recyclables. We also encourage our clients to adopt responsible disposal, recycling and reuse of waste practices.

To learn more information about our green waste management services, contact us at 08 9378 4411.