Food Waste Disposal for Food Processing Industry

Perth Bin Hire has provided ongoing daily service to some of Perth’s major players in the food processing industry for over 20 years. Businesses involved in this industry are often operational 24 hours 7 days a week and they rely on prompt reliable service from us to ensure there is minimal disruption to their production process.


More Than A Decade Of Experience

Perth Bin Hire was approached, over 15 years ago, by companies involved in food processing to custom design a compaction hook lift system for the disposal of food waste and the collection of recyclables associated with food packaging for delivery to the appropriate recycling facility.

We ensure the clients receive any applicable rebates for their recyclables (this includes the responsible disposal of associated packaging plastics & cardboard!) which, of course, helps your bottom line.


Committed to Sustainability

Perth Bin Hire is committed to the ideal of sustainability while never compromising efficiency and cost effectiveness of our service. We have two transfer stations, where the waste we pick up and other skip companies deliver, is sorted to extract recyclables. Our resource recovery rates are improving all the time as we invest in new technology.

Perth Bin Hire understands that when working within this type of industry timing, reliability, communication, response rates, appropriate backup are all essential as delays in the removal of waste actually impacts on production – particularly in the highly automated food processing industry.