Hook Lift Skip Bins

Are you working in a commercial or industrial business and have rubbish you need to get rid of? Our Hook Lift Skip Bins are perfect for demolition companies, local government organisations, construction companies, and factories. However, residential customers who have a large waste burden and enough space to accommodate the bin can also hire them.

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What are Hook Lift Skip Bins?

At a glance, our Hook Lift bins look like an ordinary skip bin, but they
come with one distinct difference. Each bin has a rear door that can
be fully opened, allowing you to walk right into the bin. This is why
we recommend this type of bin to commercial customers, as heavy
or large and awkward-shaped items like furniture or construction
waste doesn’t need to be lifted over the bin’s edge – you can just
carry it right in.

What Hook Lift Skip Bin Sizes are Available?

Our Hook Lift bins range in size from ten to 30 cube metres, with the
larger sizes able to fit as much as 30 trailer loads of rubbish. Click here to see all the sizes available.

What Rubbish Can be Put in Your Hook Lift Skip Bin?

Most forms of rubbish can go in our Hook Lift Skip Bins, with the
exception of hazardous materials. You can also fill it with more than
one type of material, so you can dispose of all of your rubbish in one

What Rubbish Can’t be Put in Your Hook Lift Bin?

Unfortunately, we cannot collect rubbish bins that have been filled
with hazardous substances, unless special arrangements have been
made prior to the delivery of the bin. This includes things like
asbestos and car batteries.

So there you have it, skip hire has never been easier! Available for hire in the Perth metropolitan area, our Hook Lift bins are popular with both commercial and residential customers. We’ll deliver your bin directly to your home or business, and once you’ve loaded it up, following the above guidelines, we’ll pick it up, sort it, and make sure your trash is disposed of correctly.

To learn more, or to hire a skip bin, contact the team at Perth Bin
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