New Year Clean-out

January 12, 2023

With the New Year upon us, it’s the perfect time to plan a clean out to make a fresh start for 2023.
Both indoor and outdoor spaces can be cleaned, with minimal costs required.

Below we have some tips you can follow for your next clean up.

1. Sort through items such as clothing, toys, appliances and utensils. Repair and reuse salvageable items or alternatively donate them to charity/give away pre-loved items to family and freinds.
2. Discard expired items such as sprays, sunscreen, and spoilt food and drink.
3. Organise and group items laying around your space and put them back in their appropriate places.
4. Clean mattresses and flip over, change/clean bedding.
5. Use cleaning products or homemade, sustainable cleaning products to clean surfaces, kitchens, floors and windows. DIY cleaning products are easy to make and can be found on platforms such as Pinterest and Google.
6. Vacuum living areas and bedrooms, make sure to move furniture around for the best results.
7. Add plants to living spaces to brighten up your space.
8. Organise dry pantry foods, laundry powders and bathroom items such as cotton buds into reusable containers and label for easy access.

1. Make a list of items that require repairing or replacing such as furniture, fencing and paving and implement appropriate cleaning/repair of these.
2. Sweep and power was flooring and fencing.
3. Weed/tend to your gardens.
4. Clean outdoor furniture such as couches, chairs, tables and umbrellas.
5. Clear space and organise items such as balls, rackets and pool toys by placing them into a large bucket or bin.
6. Clean and replace (if necessary) outdoor lighting.
7. Maintain/clean pools and spas.
8. Clean out trash bins.

Perth Bin Hire can assist you with your New Year’s clean out by providing you with the appropriate bin for the job. For enquires or to book today, call us at (08) 9378 4411 or visit our booking system at