Waste Reduction Tips for Construction Sites

October 26, 2021

The Western Australian construction industry is at a boom seeing more materials being used and generating larger quantities of waste. If the construction sites are not properly managed it can lead to windblown waste or will increase the waste disposed at our local landfill sites. Perth Bin Hire has provided tips on how you can help keep construction sites clean while focusing on keeping raw materials away from landfill sites.

1. Implement A Waste Management Plan

Before starting your construction, it is important to think about the location and size of the construction site to determine what is the best waste management plan for you. For example, rubbish bins for large projects for general waste, using skip bins for a residential project, hook lift bins for commercial projects, and covering bins with tarps to prevent windblown waste near coastal areas. Perth Bin Hire can help keep your construction sites clean with our range of skip and hook bin services, to place an order book now.

2. Choosing A Waste Management Service Provider

When choosing a waste management provider, it is important to know if they recycle the raw materials from construction sites. This helps save environment by protecting our natural resources and injecting the products back into our economy and away from landfills. For more information on materials Perth Bin Hire recycle visit Recycling & Resource Recovery Services or call us on 08 9378 4411.

3. Order Resources When Necessary

When ordering construction materials, ensure you are mindful of what and when you are ordering. Only order materials when required to avoid damaging materials during the construction and plan proper storage for materials to avoid weather damage this prevents unnecessary waste of materials.

4. Use Recycled Resources

Where possible try to reuse materials and purchase recycled raw resources to protect our environment. Examples of recycled resources that can be used on construction sites include road base, rock aggregate, and fill sand. For information on recycled materials visit Product Recovery Industries or call 0457 815 427.

5. Reduce Packaging On Site

Work with suppliers that use no or minimum cardboard and plastics for packaging. This will help reduce the amount of waste accumulated across construction sites and prevent windblown waste from occurring.