Useful Things to Rent On a Work Site

September 03, 2015

If you manage or own a construction company, or if you’re a contractor or project management specialist, then it is your job to ensure that construction projects and other work go as smoothly as possible resulting in the best end result with the minimum amount of stress, expense and things going wrong.

There are many ways you can do this but often it will come down to hiring the right equipment, materials and tools. Of course things like forklifts and heavy machinery act as fantastic ‘force multipliers’ and can save you hundreds of man hours, while working with the best materials can also prevent problems. However these are the only types of things you need to rent or buy when you’re working on a construction site. Here we will look at some of the other, smaller elements, that nonetheless can be instrumental in helping things to go smoothly.

Construction Fencing

Construction fencing is fencing that can be erected and taken down quickly as needed. Generally this will be chain link fencing too, which has the benefit of being see-through while at the same time allowing wind through so that it won’t blow over.

The main job of construction fencing is to mark out where your construction site lies. This is very helpful if you are working in a public area and you want to avoid members of the public wandering onto your site and injuring themselves. It can also help you to keep site of everything you’re working on and to avoid losing track of your equipment, materials or staff.

Construction fencing can easily be moved around to accommodate the dynamic nature of a building site and this also makes it perfect for this application.

Storage Containers

Construction storage containers are large containers that can be locked closed and that will often be found on work sites. These are very useful for keeping your materials and your equipment which in turn is an important way to both reduce injuries and to prevent theft or vandalism that could cost you a lot of money otherwise.

Skips and Bins

Having regular bins and skip bins is very important for your site waste management and can help you to get rid of un-needed materials, equipment, rubble and rubbish. By disposing of your waste as you work, you can prevent it from building up and getting under foot. This enables you and your team to move around freely and at the same time prevents injuries. At the same time, it also saves you a big job of tidying up at the end of the job and it keeps your clients much happier!


Signage is very important on a construction site to prevent injury as well as to direct the flow of traffic and of members of the public passing by. Without signs people can easily fall into pot holes, stumble into waste or slip on wet surfaces. This is an important investment that can save a lot of time and money – just like all of the items on this list!