Spring Cleaning Tips: From Cleaning Windows To Skip Bin Hire

April 20, 2016

You know it is spring time when you notice those dusts settling in your windows, doors and even your light bulbs. In Australia, spring comes right before summer and after winter, during the months of September to November. This signals you to get rid of all items that may have been messing your whole life up for the last few seasons. With all the mess, you will definitely need to know tips for spring cleaning. Get to know your responsibilities in this regard.

Clean your windows

Spring Cleaning

It all starts from taking the dust off your window. You simply hope it is all as simple as cleaning your windows with the conventional combination of newspaper and vinegar. But, if you want to get deeper into the dirt, you should use a rubber-edged squeegee, the one that you often use to clean your car’s windshield. Dip the sponge in a bucket containing mild dish soap and warm water. Use the squeegee to dry up window areas you have cleaned. From here, you will be so surprised to see that your window’s shining bright like diamonds.

Freshen up your home

This means deodorising it to remove all sorts of scent that may have been living there for months or even years now. Clean your freezer and your fridge using the simple yet reliable baking soda. You can also use a bowl of bicarbonate. This is a safer alternative over all those aerosol sprays that are said to help in absorbing odour. A handy substitute to bicarbonate is white vinegar.

Organise your closet

Perhaps, you may have neglected your closet all this time. Well, now is the right time to remove all things you no longer need in your closet. You may want to give items you can no longer use either to your relatives or to charity. Also, if there are tattered clothes in the closet, you can turn them to rags or recycle them all you want. Once you have taken all unnecessary items from your closet, you can now start organising it accordingly.

Sort things in your medicine cabinet as well

Another neglected part of every home is the medicine cabinet. In fact, because you are busy, you tend to forget that there may be items out there that have already expired and are for throwing already. But wait. You cannot just throw such stuff and send them to the garbage. The best thing you can do is place all those items in a plastic bag. Seal it and bring it to the nearest pharmacy so they can dispose of all medicines properly.

Clear the clutter in your garage

Medicines and clothes are just part and parcel of all items that you need to dispose during spring time. Paints, chemicals and all other things that have been staying in the garage need to be sorted out as well.

Use a skip bin hire service

You have to remember that some of these items have to be disposed in a safe way and the best way you can do that is through skip bin hire. In fact, you do not need to wait till spring cleaning to keep your home clean, tidy and organized. With a skip bin hire service, you can do it throughout the year. Our services for skip bin hire in Perth will help you get that fresh start. We can get rid of all items in the safest way possible!