Everything you need to know about skip bins

September 03, 2021

What is a skin bin?

A skip bin is a large metal container used to transport and dispose of large quantities of waste materials. Skip bins are a cost-effective way to dispose of unwanted rubbish from commercial and residential projects. They are suitable for those who have no need for a fixed solution. Such as residential clean out, building projects, renovations, etc.

What do I need to know or do before I place an order for a skip bin?

  1. Ensure there are no overhanging tree branches or powerlines where you wish to place the bin.
  2. Ensure there is clear access to the location such as, no vehicles in the way, gates left unlocked, no foot traffic, and pets kept away safely.
  3. If you wish to place your skip bin on the verge, please check with your local council beforehand for any permits you may require.
  4. Our vehicles are large and heavy so be sure to choose a location that will not cause damage to flooring and surrounding areas.
  5. Please note, we take no responsibility or liability for placing a skip bin at the location specified by you. This includes any damages that may occur.

What to avoid throwing in a skip bin?

Perth Bin Hire does not accept the following items in our skin bins:

  1. Asbestos
  2. Hardi-fencing
  3. Vehicle tyres
  4. Flammable liquids such as oil, paint, and positions
  5. Batteries
  6. Gas bottles
  7.  Food waste
  8. Trees

What size range do Perth Bin Hire skip bins come in?

Our skip bins range in sizes from our smallest 2 cubic meter mini-skip to our large 10 cubic meter skip bins. See the table below for our full range of  Perth Bin skip bins.

What is the hire period for a skip bin?

Cash clients can hire Perth Bin Hire skip bins for up to 7 days. If you require a longer hire out please get in touch with our team on (08) 9378 4411.

Book your next skip bin:

Perth Bin Hire has a large range of skip bin sizes available to meet your needs. To place an order visit this link or call our experienced team who will be able to assist you on (08) 9378 4411.