Kitchen Items That Need Recycling

September 20, 2016

Kitchen is undeniably the most used part of a home, and any activity at this spot certainly generates a lot more trash than anything else. As you prepare your meals throughout the day, a number of items are put to use, and a few are dumped. While you can easily avail the service of Perth bin hire for waste disposal, you need to take special care in sorting out what items should actually be in the recycle bin. Doing the other way round is only going to harm you and the environment you are living in.

Plastic Bags

Grocery bags make it to your home in perfect condition with all the belongings you just bargained for, in the supermarket. But before you throw it away in the trash bin, reconsider your option as to how you can make use of this for alternative purposes. Plastics are non-degradable material, and detrimental for the environment too. However, you can prevent landfill disposal of plastic bags by using it as a trash can liner, or giving it back to the vendor, who nowadays look forward to recycle plastic.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum Cans

If you have a good amount of beer or soda stocked in your kitchen fridge, you are likely to deal with a lot of aluminum cans at the end of the week. These are quite worthy recyclable items, which should not be dumped away. Either use it as an alternative to some purpose or avail local recycling services in your area. By doing this, you are not only helping the environment, but also yourself.

Glass items

Besides aluminum cans, glass bottles are a common feature of any kitchen, which if not disposed or reused properly, can lead to undesirable consequences. Integrate them into your recycling routine by reusing it as a jar container or kitchen décor. There are many things that can be done with glass items, and if you are not sure about it, hand it over to the curbside recycling programs to make the best use of this item.

Cardboard Boxes

A good chunk of daily-use food products are packaged in cardboard boxes. A box of oatmeal or cereal is a typical example, and there’s a good chance of clustering a lot of them weekly, even if you have a small family. Think how you can save these boxes by making alternate usage of the same. Maybe, you can use it for craft work by kids, or to store something. The possibilities are limitless with these handy boxes!

Old Appliances

It’s very painful to see people throwing away expensive electronic appliances, when they are done with it. Why not act like a responsible citizen, and do a favor to the environment by selling your old microwave or toaster to someone who can make practical use of it. Dumping it away is only going to add to the pile of solid waste, which is potentially hazardous for the surroundings, given the release of toxic materials. Either sell it away or contact local waste management service for proper disposal.