Do Your Part: 7 Recycling Tips to Help You Save the Planet

July 13, 2015

Recycling can sometimes seem like a lot of effort and many of us will avoid putting in the time required to do a good job. When you’ve come home from a busy day in the office, the last thing you’ll often want to do is to spend hours separating out your items and washing up jugs and jars.

But then when you take a step back and think about it, you’ll hopefully remember that this effort is doing nothing short of helping to save the planet. If that’s not worth your time and energy then nothing is!

Still, it can certainly help to try and make the process a little easier by thinking about strategies that will save you time and at the same time ensure your work goes further. And that’s exactly what these seven tips can do for you.

1 Wash Up

Yeah it’s no fun, but washing up the things you want to recycle can help to avoid smells that attract pests, and it can make it easier for the things to get recycled in the long term.

2 Sort Items

This is also important and can save a lot of work further down the line. If you’re putting jars in glass recycling, then remove the lids. If you’re putting cardboard in, then remove whatever was inside those boxes.

3 Watch Netflix

This on its own won’t help you to recycle. The point instead is that you can make the job of washing up and sorting items much less boring and unpleasant by simply providing yourself with some entertainment while you do it. That could mean watching Netflix or YouTube, listening to a podcast or even learning another language with a smartphone app. Suddenly this becomes much less of a chore!

4 Don’t Forget Big Items

Recycling doesn’t just apply to containers for your foods. It also applies to board games, to plastic gadgets and glass ornaments. That’s where Perth Bin Hire’s green waste removal come in, and that’s why you should find a good service to collect those old items.

5 Inaction is Waste

Just because you don’t throw something in the bin, that doesn’t mean you’re being as efficient as possible. In other words, those items around your home that you aren’t using but which could be recycled are still wasteful so be active to look for opportunities to recycle. For instance, your old fence that has fallen down could be recycled for scrap metal and a new fence installed. There are many companies that offer this service, but Feature Fencing do a great job of this if you’re in the Perth area.

6 DIY Recycling

Likewise recycling doesn’t have to occur outside your home. If you have an old glass bottle, you could think of ways that you could use it yourself before recycling it. This can not only help to create less waste for the landfill sites, but also help you to save money by creating your own products to use around the home.

7 Plan Ahead

Want to create more recyclable waste for your green waste disposal company to take away? Then think ahead and choose items that are recyclable when you buy products, ornaments and other things for use around the home.