4 Reasons Why Using A Green Waste Collection Service Is The Best Business Decision You’ll Ever Make

March 18, 2015

Due to taxes and government charges, waste is increasingly expensive for Perth companies to dispose of responsibly. All companies are obliged to have environmental protection policies in place and have targets to meet in terms of how much of their waste they must recycle. Many businesses are finding that hiring a green waste collection service to handle their recycling needs is one of the best business decisions they have ever made. Green waste companies specialize in collecting business waste, sorting through it and recycling or repurposing as much as they can. Here are the four benefits of going green.

#1. Free Up Employee Time
The point of paying for green waste collection is that it alleviates the burden of sorting and recycling from your company’s employees. Almost any size or type of business stands to benefit from this. For example, a small office would no longer require its staff to sort papers from plastics. Tradespersons such as electricians and plumbers would no longer need to sort their waste prior to disposing it in a skip. By freeing up employee time, employees can concentrate on better-remunerated work. This boosts their productivity and increases revenue for your firm.

#2. Saves Money
Green waste collection may seem like an expense but the time your employees gain will actually save money for your business. You are no longer paying employees their full hourly rate to sort rubbish. It is far more cost effective to use a green waste collection service. For example, you can let your employees quickly and efficiently discard their rubbish in general bins or skips instead of slowing them down by requiring them to sort waste. A green waste collection service will collect all of the rubbish and sort through it offsite for reasonable rates.

#3. Improve Your Business’ Image
Going green will build your business’ standing in the eyes of your customers and clients. When you start using a green waste collection service, you can advertise this fact on your website and through the use of stickers and signs on your premises. Caring for the environment is something that many people believe strongly in. Consumers look favourably on businesses committed to green practices.

#4. Boost Employee Morale
Although most employees will jump on board with any strategy to become more environmentally friendly at work, they may resent the inconvenience. For instance, an announcement that employees have to sort their waste into one of five different bins will be met with some resistance. Employees will see this as a burden on their precious time. A simple lunch of a store-bought sandwich, a packet of crisps and a soft drink may produce metals, plastics, papers and cardboard waste. This waste may take an employee a good minute to sort into different bins. Multiply this by every visit they make to a rubbish bin during the day and you’ll soon see how their time drains away. Starting a green waste collection service will boost moral by freeing up the time of the firm’s employees.

Start using a green waste collection service today to realize the four benefits mentioned in this article. It’s the best business decision you’ll ever make.