Green Waste Disposal

Biomass and garden waste are among the most readily recyclable waste materials that we produce. Too often, though, it can be trapped inside plastic bags or bins that prevent it being composted and turned into a valuable, nourishing resource. If you really can’t use your green waste on your own property, the next best solution is to use the services of a professional green waste collection and removal company like Perth Bin Hire.

Why Perth Bin Hire?

There are obviously occasions, however energetically you pursue your ecological goals, when the amount of green waste you have to dispose of exceeds your capacity to reuse or recycle it. That’s when you need to call us. For over 25 years, Perth Bin Hire has been helping homeowners and businesses dispose of surplus garden waste, safe in the knowledge that what can be reused and recycled, will be.

If you would like to discuss the disposal of your biomass or garden waste, call Perth Bin Hire, give us a call today on 08 9378 4411.