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Perth Bin Hire and Skip Bins

Perth Bin Hire is an entirely Western Australian owned and operated business and we have been expanding and innovating for over 25 years. We provide a wide variety of skip bins for domestic, commercial and industrial waste removal. However, we are not limited to just providing a skip bin, we also offer a wide range of specialised services including  transportation and waste disposal, waste management plans, commercial and residential trash recycling services, environmentally responsible waste disposal solutions. We have a commitment to a competitive rate, a reliable ongoing customer service and an honest approach to safe environmental waste disposal.  That’s what makes our company the very best in waste disposal in Perth.

Perth Bin Hire is the company to contact for your waste disposal needs in Perth, Western Australia.

We offer the following:

  • Timely and professional service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Wheelbarrow access bins (2 – 10 cubic metres)
  • Walk-in bins (10 – 30 cubic metres)
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Custom designed bins and systems
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Over 25 years of waste disposal experience
  • Commitment to safe environmental practice and extraction of recyclables.
  • Transportation of bulk waste

Contact us today to enquire about your waste disposal needs.

What we offer:

A wide range of skip bins

Perth Bin Hire offers one of the largest ranges of skip bin sizes in Perth from small 2cbm skip bins to large 30cbm bins. Our 2cbm to 10cbm skip bins have a ramp for easy wheel-barrow access and our 10cbm to 30cbm bins have doors which open out for easy walk-in access.  We also have two lifting systems – A lift-on system for the wheelbarrow access skip bins which helps avoid scraping on householders’ driveways and lawns, and a hook-lift system which is more appropriate for the larger walk-in bins. The wheelbarrow access skip bins are most popular for waste removal with domestic customers, gardeners, landscapers, offices and businesses when having a general clean up or renovating. The walk-in bins can also be ordered by anyone in the Perth metropolitan area, but are most popular with commercial and industrial customers – including bobcat operators, factories, builders, demolition companies, roofing companies, recyclers, local government etc. Perth Bin Hire can also custom design bins for local government, industrial and commercial sites eg bulk bins, compactors, sealed bins for sludge removal. If you are unsure on which bin is the right one for your waste removal project, then our experienced staff can advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective choice. To view our wide range of skip bins click here

Green waste removal and collection

Concerned about the impact your business is having on the environment? Perth Bin Hire’s goal is to minimise the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill.  We have our own Department of Conservation & Environment Transfer station where rubbish is sorted so that whatever can be recycled is recycled. There is a green method of disposal for most materials. Perth bin hire is committed to decreasing your environmental impact as well as our own.  We have an exceptionally modern and well maintained fleet of trucks and equipment which we consider to be essential in order to minimise our carbon footprint. At Perth Bin Hire we believe that in the 21st century being environmentally responsible goes hand in hand with being a reliable and trustworthy service provider and being economically viable. For more information on our green waste removal click here

Waste management plans

Perth Bin Hire can develop a thorough and efficient site waste management plan for commercial and industrial sites.  We can come and assess your site and create a safe, professional and cost effective waste disposal plan that minimises impact on the environment. Our qualified and experienced staff can advise and quote on any short or long-term waste management plan that suits your needs. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance for any solution implemented.

For more information on waste management plans click here

Industrial waste disposal

Industrial waste disposal techniques are another area that we specialise in. We incorporate a wide range of specialised procedures to ensure that your waste is disposed of thoughtfully and wherever possible, recycled. Depending on your specific needs we provide scheduled waste removal, instruction for correct safety procedures and handling all types of waste, we also provide the necessary equipment needed. For more information click here

Garden waste removal

Are you considering taking on a landscaping project? Garden waste disposal by Perth Bin Hire is the easy way to get rid of all your grass trimmings, soil, branches, old pavers etc. We can come and collect, transport and dispose of your unwanted garden matter in an efficient cost effective way. For more information click here


Perth Bin Hire has been known for their cost-effective skip bins which makes waste management and disposal in WA easy and affordable! We service all of Perth.
11-13 Duffy Street
Bayswater, WA
Phone: 08 9378 4411
Fax: 08 9378 4111

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