Placing an order on this website constitutes an offer to enter into a contract with Perth Bin Hire whereby Perth bin Hire provides you, the Hirer, with skip bin hire services for the removal of rubbish, and you as the Hirer agree to comply with the terms and conditions set out below.  It is understood that both parties (the Hirer and Perth Bin Hire) will fulfil their responsibilities.

  1. Once the Hirer has paid for and received confirmation of an order, the Hirer expects that Perth Bin Hire will provide the service as specified on the agreed date.
  1. Perth Bin Hire will observe so far as it is practicable any requirements specified by the Hirer as to the commencement and completion of the Hire Period but cannot guarantee strict compliance to requested times.
  1. The Hirer acknowledges that the Hired Skip Bins are to be used solely for the purpose of depositing the types of waste accepted by Perth Bin Hire. The types of waste which is NOT ACCEPTED by Perth Bin Hire is as follows:
    8. LARGE TREE STUMPS OR TRUNKS (i.e. greater than 30 cm in diameter)
  1. If any hazardous substances are placed in the Bins penalties will apply.
  2. The Hirer is responsible for the correct loading of the Bin. Requirements are as follows:
    1. No sand, concrete, bricks and tiles above the top level of the bin
    2. No overhang at the front, rear or sides of the bin
    3. General waste must not exceed the top level of the bin by more than 10 centimetres
    4. Doors of the bins must be securely shut when finished loading.
  1. If the Perth Bin Hire driver deems the bin unsafe to pick up because it has not been loaded correctly, the Hirer will be required to remedy the situation. If this means the driver will need to return to the site at another time, Perth Bin Hire has the right to apply a travel charge.
  2. The Bin must not be moved by anyone other than a Perth Bin Hire employee.
  3. Any damage to the Bin while on site will be charged to the Hirer.
  4. If the Bin is delivered to a third party on behalf of the Hirer, the responsibility of the Bin Hire will remain with the Hirer.
  5. Perth Bin Hire will not accept liability for any damage caused in relation to the placement or pick up of Bins on any site.
  6. The hired Skip Bins can be picked up by Perth Bin Hire at the end of the hire period without notice to the Hirer.
  7. If the Hirer wishes to extend the Hire Period, he or she needs to telephone the office during business hours at least one day prior to the pick up date. The Hirer understands there may be an extra charge involved depending on the length of the extended hire period.  This will be agreed upon when the Hirer calls the office to organise the extension.
  8. If the Hirer decides to cancel or modify an order, he or she must notify the office by 12 pm the day prior to delivery to receive a refund or change delivery details. The Hirer must telephone the office to confirm any changes.
  9. The Hirer is entitled to a full refund if the Bin is not delivered on the agreed delivery date and the Hirer decides not to proceed with the order on another date.

NOTE :  Hook Lift Bins are our larger bins – 12 cubic meters and larger. They cannot be ordered and paid for via this website.  If you require these larger bins please call the office on 9378 4411 and place the order with one of our friendly sales team.