Industrial Waste Disposal

Most industrial, mining and manufacturing companies generate massive amounts of industrial waste and by-products in their daily operations. These wastes can be solid, semi-solid, liquid, gaseous or chemical residues. These types of waste are often toxic and require special techniques for proper disposal. Industrial waste collection is a specialised business.

While the management of residential waste is usually taken care of by local government services, industrial waste disposal is the responsibility of the companies who produce it.

If it is not handled properly, hazardous industrial waste is a danger to the environment in general, and to the health of individuals in particular. We’re all aware of the ever-increasing volume of legislation governing the disposal of contaminated or toxic waste But even the most conscientious managers struggle to stay abreast of what the law actually requires them to do. That’s where Perth Bin Hire comes in.

Waste Not, Want Not

It’s an old saying, which in our consumer society is often forgotten. Thankfully, the environmental movement has reminded us of it, and today recycling or reusing industrial waste is very much in favour. Unfortunately, much of the waste produced by industry is contaminated, and needs special expertise if it is to be disposed of safely.

At Perth Bin Hire, we have experts who can help you meet your community obligations and environmental goals. We don’t just offer a full service for the collection, disposal and recycling of industrial waste throughout Perth and the surrounding suburbs. As experts in the field, for more than 25 years we have provided our clients with hassle-free solutions for industrial and biological waste collection, recovery, recycling or disposal.

Our commitment to environmental regulatory compliance means that you can put your hazardous waste disposal in our hands. Starting with an audit of your waste-producing activities, we will help you create a comprehensive waste management plan. We’ll determine what is contaminated and must be safely disposed of, and what can be recovered, recycled to generate revenue for your business.

For your industrial waste management needs, you can call our friendly customer service team at 08 9378 4411.