Waste Management Services

Choosing how your waste is disposed of is crucial in meeting your social, environmental and legal obligations. All of the services that Perth Bin Hire offers meet and exceed safe and environmentally friendly collection and disposal of waste. Being environmentally friendly is now an obligation and not just a marketing ploy. Your business is now expected to be sustainable and ‘going green’ and so its important to develop your strategies to accordingly.


Perth Bin Hire’s commitment to recycling is a key aspect of our business. At our transfer station, our skilled staff process our clients’ waste, ensuring that as much as possible is recycled, and the minimum possible goes to landfill.

Waste Disposal

When it really can’t be reused or recycled, you can depend on Perth Bin Hire to dispose of waste effectively, efficiently and responsibly.

Green Waste Disposal

Are you considering taking on a landscaping project? Garden waste disposal by Perth Bin Hire is the easy way to get rid of all your grass trimmings, soil, branches, old pavers etc. We can come and collect, transport and dispose of your unwanted garden matter in an efficient, economical way.

Industrial Waste Disposal

Industrial waste disposal techniques are another area that we specialise in. We incorporate a wide range of specialised procedures to ensure that your waste is disposed of thoughtfully and wherever possible, recycled. Depending on your specific needs we provide scheduled waste removal, instruction for correct safety procedures and handling all types of waste, we also provide the necessary equipment needed.

Waste Management Plans

Perth Bin Hire can develop a thorough and efficient site waste management plan for commercial and industrial sites. We can come and assess your site and create a safe, professional and cost effective waste disposal plan that minimises impact on the environment. Our qualified and experienced staff can advise and quote on any short or long-term waste management plan that suits your needs. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance for any solution implemented.

Skip Bin Hire

We deliver skip bins all over Perth, read more information here or book skips online here.